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  Telephone: (632) 527-12-32
The division is composed of the following sections:
Ethnology  Mr.Artemio C. Barbosa 
Ethnography  Mr. Nicolas C. Cuadra 
Library/Records  Mrs. Aurora Sabido 
Photography  Mr. Jimmy D. Oblena 
Collection Holdings  Dr. Adela Escober 



1. Palawan Script Preservation, Brooks Point, Palawan.(Mr. Leo Batoon) 

2. Northern Buhid Script mapping of traditional script writers, Mindoro Oriental. (Mr. Linricon Absuelo)  

bamboo container 
with writing
boat making 

documentation and collection of traditional boats

  3. Collection of traditional boats in the Sulu/Tawi-Tawi archipelagoes - (Mr. Artemio Barbosa) 

4. Whale Hunting Technologies , Central Philippines (Mr. Nicolas Cuadra) 

5. Lexico-statistical Mapping of the Philippines (Dr. Jesus T. Peralta) 

6. Leadership among the Waray Traditional Fishermen (Mr. Artemio Barbosa) 

7. Comparative Study of the Iranun of the Philippines and Malaysia (Mr. Artemio Barbosa) 

8. Totemism among the Maranao of Lanao del Sur (Mrs. Sidie Rismin Alonto) 


Special Projects
    1. Production of a CD-ROM on Peoples of the Philippines (Dr. Jesus T. Peralta) 
    2. Ethnographic Collection Catalogues (various authors) 
    3. Anthropological Literature on Marinduque (Dr. Jesus T. Peralta, ed.) 
    4. Myth and Legends conference coordination under the International Organization of Folk Art, Manila, Phils., 1998 
    5. Organization of ASEAN Museums 
    6. Documentation of material culture from museums in Great Britain in coordination with the NCCA and the British Council.


Latest Publications

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